Grabba Driver for iOS
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the iOS operating system
Grabba Unified Driver Architecture

This driver and server release are based on Grabba's unified driver architecture, which is currently being rolled out across the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, and the Grabba Protocol and Grabba Cordova plugin atop those platforms.

The unified architecture allows for common source code to be used for the vast majority of the driver and server across all platforms. Once the roll-out is complete, this will provide several benefits to customers:

  • Consistent APIs, feature sets and behaviour across all platforms
  • Consistent version numbering across all platforms - any release from the 2.0 series onwards will have been built from the same shared source code
  • Higher code quality, due to greater developer attention on the shared code
  • Bug fixes which are applied on one platform will also be applied at the same time to all others
  • Faster deployment to new platforms in future, should the demand arise

Any driver version number in the 2.0 series (or later) utilises the unified architecture. At present, the only public releases are for iOS and Windows, but Android support will be added in the near future.

Note, however, that this unification does require breaking compatibility with pre-2.0 APIs for Android, Cordova and iOS. Migration guides are provided for users of those platforms, and pre-2.0 release series will continue to be supported until January 2018, allowing time for the transition to be completed.