Grabba Driver for iOS
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the iOS operating system
Grabba Driver for iOS

This documentation describes version 2.0.0-alpha-11 of the Grabba Driver for iOS and forms part of the associated SDK. This driver provides functionality to interface with Grabba hardware devices, and APIs by which they may be accessed.

This documentation contains:

  • License terms - the conditions under which the software and associated SDK may be used
  • API overview - an introduction to and summary of the available interfaces to the driver
  • Release notes - notes on the capabilities and behaviours of this release
  • Release history - history of prior releases of this driver and SDK, and an explanation of version numbering conventions
  • Unified driver - information about Grabba's Unified Driver Architecture, upon which this release is based
  • Migration guide - information on how to migrate from older releases of the Grabba Driver to this one

The remainder of the documentation provides a full API reference; the class list and enumeration list pages provide lists and brief descriptions of API contents, along with links to the detailed documentation.

Please visit or email if you require additional support, or to report issues with Grabba software or hardware.