Grabba Driver for iOS
Unified driver for Grabba devices on the iOS operating system
<GrabbaKeyboardProtocol> Protocol Reference


Interface for receiving events suitable for keyboard wedge implementations.

Objects which implement this protocol may receive callbacks for generating 'virtual keystrokes' in response to receipt of barcode, magstripe, MRZ or proxcard data, via delegation from a GrabbaKeyboardListener object.

Note that this protocol need not be directly implemented; it may be simpler to subclass GrabbaKeyboardListener and thereby receive the events directly.

Thread safety: This interface is intended to be thread-safe; any classes deriving from it should ensure that the relevant methods are callable from any thread.

See also
GrabbaKeyboardAPI for related API functions

Instance Methods

(void) - textEvent:
 Callback which is invoked when additional keyboard output is to be generated. More...

Method Documentation

◆ textEvent:()

- (void) textEvent: (NSString *_Nonnull)  text

Callback which is invoked when additional keyboard output is to be generated.

This is triggered when suitable data (e.g. a barcode scan) has been received from a connected Grabba device and the relevant technology has been enabled for keyboard output via GrabbaKeyboardAPI. Implementations of this method are expected to generate virtual keystrokes for each character in the supplied string, e.g. via CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent in an iOS application using the Core Graphics framework.

Implementations of this method are required to be thread-safe; no guarantees are made about which thread(s) they will be called from.
textString to convert to virtual keystrokes; may include line-ending delimiters